Human Capital & Workforce Assets

Workforce Assets:  Human Capital and the Talent to Grow Your Business

The Village understands that most businesses face a challenge in attracting and training and retaining a skilled workforce.  Fortunately, in Thornton your business can benefit from these unique workforce strengths:

Thornton’s local business ecosystem

Bolstered by a bevy of respected manufacturing and construction firms including the renowned Thornton Quarry (the second largest stone aggregate quarry in the world), the Thornton business community supports dozens of smaller support businesses – a network of businesses and trained workers have sprung up around it, creating a robust business ecosystem. 

Thornton’s workforce

With craftsmanship and industry knowledge gained over years of on-the-job training, workers can continue to sharpen their skills by taking advantage of affordable, accessible educational programs for new and mid-career workers. 

Educational institutions

Thornton employees can enroll in dozens of courses of study and specific workforce development programs – Nearby colleges include:

Broadband connectivity

As the modern economy adapts to hybrid work, having fast and reliable Internet connections is a must - Thornton broadband penetration is now at 86% - reaching parity with Cook County as well as nearby Will County municipalities.