Economic Development


Welcome to the Village of Thornton! We are excited to work with you to bring your business or expand your business to our community. As the home to many successful industrial and commercial businesses, we offer you a great business environment that is competitive with other communities – and that strengthens your ability to compete, whether your challengers are in another county, another state, or even across the globe.

Thornton offers a number of unique assets:
  • Workforce - Unparalleled access to an educated, highly skilled labor market along with fast access to markets for finished products;
  • Transportation assets - Thornton has access to the Interstates (I-80/294, I-94 and I-57) not to mention high-capacity local roads connecting to downtown Chicago, facilitating last mile shipping
  • Industrial base - Thornton has a strong and increasingly high-tech manufacturing base supported by a skilled, experienced workforce
  • Incentives to stay competitive on costs - We offer a variety of incentive programs to ensure that Thornton costs are on par with other areas.

In addition, Thornton is an active member of the Calumet Region Enterprise Zone and has created two different TIF districts to further incentivize growth.

I firmly believe that after you take a close look at physical assets, the infrastructure, the available land – matched with our experienced and diverse workforce – as well financial incentives to manage costs, you’ll agree that Thornton is the next home for your business.

We’re excited to explore the many opportunities the Village of Thornton has to partner with you!

Village President Joseph Pisarzewski