Village Sewer Systems

The Village has a sanitary sewer system and a storm sewer system. Both are completely separate of each other.

The Public Works Department oversees and maintains all Village storm sewer mains, as well as approximately 255 storm catch basins and manholes.

In addition to the storm sewer mains we also maintain nearly 10 miles of Village sanitary sewer mains as well as 260 sanitary manholes and one sanitary sewage lift station. 

Important note

If you are experiencing a sewer backup at your residence, please call the Public Works Department before contacting a plumbing contractor. We will come out as quickly as possible to check the Village sewer to determine if the problem is our responsibility or if indeed you will require a plumber.

  • The number to call is 708-877-4462. 
  • After 5:00 PM, please call the dispatch number at 708-758-4744 ext #1.

We are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Hey, did you know that storm water is the biggest threat to clean water? Anything that enters a storm sewer is discharged into our waterways. Here's a few healthy household tips for cleaner, healthier water:

  • Recycling used oils and other fluids at service stations. Don't dump these fluids down storm drains.
  • Purchasing and using non-toxic, biodegradable, recycled products.
  • Picking up after your pet and disposing properly by flushing waste. Leaving pet waste increases health risks by allowing harmful bacteria to wash into storm drains.
  • Storing chemicals properly to prevent leaks and spills.
  • Try to follow some of these healthy household habits to cleaner water and Remember: Only Rain Down The Drain!